A Business Management System that marries technology and a network of professionals to help your business achieve its goals.

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What we offer

client management

  • Complete Client Management system
  • Analytics and Sales Tracking 
  • Easily Setup Automations 
  • Integrations Available or Create Your Own
  • Workflows Keep You Organized 
  • Easily Keep Track of Customer Interactions 
  • Much, Much More!


  • Activity Stream replicates a Facebook feed and promotes communication 
  • Chat function for small audiences 
  • Video chat built into Chat 
  • Projects have their own communication channels
  • Knowledge Base is home to your companies FAQ and other key info


  • Website designer, with templates, and hosting 
  • CRM forms on your site are automatically placed into your sales funnel and assigned to the right person 
  • Email marketing with unlimited segmentation and templates
  • audience Marketing analytics show your where to dedicate your resources

project management

  • Easily create and manage projects
  • Assign staff and invite outside vendors to participate 
  • Setup automations based on your company requirements or project requirements 
  • Multiple views allow for every team member to quickly get up to speed
  • Highly flexible to meet whatever project scope you require

document management

  • Quickly and easily manage your company documents 
  • Create templates based on your companies branding 
  • Secure folders or files by employee group or name
  • Google Docs is the document backbone of MontisPro 

professional network

Having a world-class technology platform for your business is key but we believe a professional network is key to business growth. That’s why we have a network of professionals who can help you with: 

Graphic Design 
Web/Knowledge Base Design

Tired of complex pricing structures? So were we. 

So we came up with one price:


Yes. That's it! No complex pricing, no access tiers, no non-sense. Oh and we offer volume discounts starting as low as 10 users! 

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